Oh happy day.

he’s not the same. and since simmons left

                he’s only getting  w o r s e .  

f: talking to you is the only time i feel clear. and calm.
like i might actually get  b e t t e r .
j: you are getting better. i see it. 

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I was wondering why Jemma touching his shoulder is such a big part of Fitz’s coping mechanism.

And then I realized

He’s alive.

The last conscious feeling Fitz had before the explosion was Jemma touching his shoulder.


A character can still be a great character without being a good person.

In fact, some of the best characters are terrible people.

Because a character’s worth should be based on how complex and interesting they are, not their morality if they were real.

September 22nd, 1994

Happy 20th Anniversary, FRIENDS!

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